Her Stories

We work with elected women to build trust between marginalized groups and the public institutions that used to exclude them. Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC); Province 5.

Sangita Dhobi

Many male politicians comment us like – ‘Women can't do politics they are made for to perform household chores.’  says Sangita. In her opinion, Politics requires power and money, and liberty to be present in every kinds of places in which only male can engage themselves in such environment. Sangita thinks the biggest struggle is to run high political campaigns like road, development and water.  ALthough sangita has been trying to learn all these skills from other Edwrs. Her mentor Hema Harijan has been supporting her to learn all those skills which is must in peforming well in politics. Mentoring approach is one of the activities conducted by CDWN for the enhancement of capacity of EDWR.