Accelerating the pace

"She Leads Nepal" is a women's leadership program to empower women with skills and knowledge. It is supported by the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Dhana Laxmi B.K.

It has long been established that the age-old patriarchal traditions and stereotypes has been a hindrance to successes of women. Yet women have shown time and again, that they are a force to be reckoned with, once they set their mind into something. Take example of Ms. Dhana Laxmi B.K, an elected ward member from Halesi-6, Khotang, who has had her share of setbacks in her journey into politics. With her husband abroad, she had the responsibility of looking after the children and household solely by herself. “My family and people around me would discourage me from engaging into politics. But I didn’t listen and continued to be engaged in various social activism”, she reminisces her old days.

She further adds that through the leadership development training from She Leads project, she only realized how crucial her role really is in her community. “I have finally learned the real meaning of “people’s representative”. I felt like I wasted the past 3 years of my term without truly understanding. I have finally started to regularly attend ward meetings and listen intently to the issues being discussed. I even spoke for the first time in a recent municipal meeting!”