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दलित महिला केन्द्र नेपाल

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Dalit women are one of the most marginalized and oppressed sections of Nepal society. They are often left out of economic development, and their rights are violated on a regular basis. This is particularly true in rural areas, where Dalit women are often forced to work as field hands or domestics instead of engaging in productive work. We must ensure that Dalit women are able to access education and economic opportunities so that they can lead dignified lives. Millions of Dalit women are forced to work in fields and agricultural work and are not given any education or other opportunities to earn money. The Discrimination and violence they face on a daily basis prevent them from living with dignity. We must make every effort to put an end to these atrocities and make sure that Dalit women are given equal opportunities to participate in the mainstream economy. Our programs have been successful in helping many women gain access to better education and employment opportunities so that they can earn a living and lead happier lives. It is sad that the women and girls in our program are often subjected to violence and abuse simply because they belong to a disadvantaged group. Our goal is to help these women realize their full potential and help them stand up to their oppressors to claim their rights. Dalit women face discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives, including their education and employment. They do not receive equal pay for their work and cannot enjoy the same rights as other women
in our society. These problems have far-reaching consequences because they keep millions of Dalit women trapped in a cycle of poverty and oppression. By supporting our programs, you can help us make a positive difference in the lives of
many underprivileged women across Nepal.