Our History | Center for Dalit Women Nepal(CDWN)

Center for Dalit Women Nepal was formed by a group of Dalit women social activists and political leaders in 2016. Coming from the Dalit community, the seven founders had first-hand experience of the exclusion and discrimination that affects so many Dalit women in Nepal.  They decided to pool their resources and set up a tiny office in an old neighborhood of Kathmandu.

These founders, drawn from Dalit communities throughout Nepal, felt they were in a unique position to have a positive impact because of their experience in advocacy, politics and human rights activism. They formed CDWN around the need for more Dalit women representation in government with the aim of drafting policies that protect and support women in marginalized communities.

Today, CDWN is fulfilling its mission by supporting Dalit women leaders, helping to develop a legacy of Dalit women representatives, lobbying Parliament to enact policies that help Dalit women, and supporting victims of discrimination through legal support.