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Many of the skills Saraswati needs for her role as a leader and voice of a marginalized segment of society she is getting from the PEER project. ...

Her Stories

We work with elected women to build trust between marginalized groups and the public institutions that used to exclude them. Swiss Development Co...

Be a Voice for the Voi...

“The first draft of my story was written about 10 years ago; I kept rewriting until it got published. I never grew tired of rewriting because as a Dalit woman I wanted to tell my stories ...
The impact of the discrimination that Dalit women face cannot easily be quantified, because it is often expressed through the thousands of indignities, both large and small, that Dalit women face in their lifetimes.

Where We Work

CDWN has focused on Dalit women’s participation in the democratic process. Our interventions have reached over 278,000 direct beneficiaries.

Why Our Work Matters

Dalit women could see their best chance at making transformative changes to their communities disappear with the stroke of a pen.

Fighting Discrimination

Violence is present in the home and in public, and deep-seated attitudes about the inferiority of women and girls remain the norm in all sectors of society.

Women can bring positive changes to society.

Elected representatives have a very limited understanding of gender equality and social inclusion issues. To make representatives more sensitive and responsible they need to understand the need to act on issues of women’s empowerment.

I was a shy woman when I was appointed as the Dalit Women representative in my ward, but my confidence has been growing. Now I not only feel comfortable delivering speeches, I also raise questions about mismanagement within my ward.

- Rambha Harijan